Vilnius 6 2014

TU14 is a house designed and built for a family of four, situated in the suburbs of Vilnius. The main structure is based on four functional zones formed by six architectural elements as high as 1.4m. The length of each element varies depending on the functionality of each space.

The first structural element starts at the garage level and goes all the way to the living area. This forms a roof over the space and a terrace for the floor above. While the second element becomes the roof for the living area’s terrace, and also a balcony for the bedroom on the next floor. This variation and extruded elements also provide protection from the sun and rain. The concept is repeated across the all floors.

All of these elements merge into the interior’s atrium and one multifunctional staircase, which interconnects with all of the main spaces including the living area, gallery and work space and finally the bedroom.

The house’s facades are ventilated and finished in ceramic stone. And, a smart house system allows for autonomous heating, cooling and ventilation of the entire structure.

While still working with some of the best quality materials and solutions, the construction cost is within the same range as other luxurious houses within the same market.

The house while modern, is very comfortable to live in thanks to its innovative way of utilising the main structure to divide and create space.