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Vilnius, LT

private housing

The private residence, located just on the outskirts of the city of Vilnius, Lithuania, was designed to accommodate a family of four. Consisting of four different levels - garage, living, gallery-workspace, and bedroom - all main areas are connected by one central staircase. The building’s composition is based on one principal structural idea, used six times across the whole project with a constant height of 1.4 meters and varying lengths depending on the function of the area. The first structural element starts at the garage level and goes all the way to the living area, forming a roof over the space and a terrace for the floor above. The second becomes the roof for the living area’s terrace and also a balcony for the bedroom on the next floor. This variation and extruded elements also provide protection from the sun and rain. The concept is repeated across all floors. The main structure is made out of reinforced concrete with the facades covered with ceramic stone. The house uses geothermal technology to generate heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, controlled by a smart house application that covers lighting and sound control within the building as well. This is accompanied by an innovative and bespoke system installed to maintain the correct humidity levels within the house. The system design consists of sixteen glass cylinders placed within the main living area containing water and fire, which have become a main focus within this unique living space.

photo by Leonas Garbacauskas

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